Reykjavík University


About Reykjavík University

Reykjavík University (RU) consists of two academic schools, i.e. School of Technology and the School of Social Sciences. These two schools host 7 academic departments, in which research is conducted: the Department of Computer Science, Department of Engineering, and Department of Applied Engineering, all within the School of Technology, and Department of Business Administration, Department of Law, Department of Psychology and Department of Sport Science, all within the School of Social Sciences. The University offers all its graduate programs in English and has developed specific international programs in areas such as renewable energy. 


RU is the second largest university in Iceland, with approximately 4000 students, 250 full-time faculty and staff in addition to 200 part-time lecturers. It is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic). The employees of the University come from around 20 countries (EU and non-EU). Approximately 130 academic employees currently work at RU on various research projects in collaboration with both domestic and international research institutions and companies. The mission of RU is to be a strong teaching and research university with an emphasis on technology, business, and law. The core activities of RU are teaching and research with strong ties with industry and society, emphasizing interdisciplinary work, international context, innovation, and service excellence. 

Contact person
Kristján Kristjánsson
Director of RU Research Services
+354 599 6372, +354 825 6372