Network of Arctic Experts

Experts network application

The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network collects information about individuals who are researchers, consultants or other specialists working on Arctic related themes.

The goal is to provide information and facilitate easier access to specific expertise and can for example be valuable both for those looking for partners in domestic or international projects, and for media when looking for greater knowledge on any topic.

These themes include a variety of interests, such as climate change, natural and social sciences, the marine environment and oceanology, meteorology, engineering, glaciology, socio-economic development, sustainability, energy, health and well-being, polar law, international relations and security, and gender issues, in the context of Iceland and Arctic research in a broader context.

We are always seeking to expand our database and welcome any additional experts whether from Iceland and Icelandic institutions, or from overseas experts working on issues related to Iceland in the Arctic. We recommend that you contact people of interest directly but of course we are here to serve, if need be.