The Arctic Region

The Arctic does not have a single definition which comprehensively defines the region but rather is defined through different dimensions. This section provides essential information about the Arctic.

Following sections providing information concerning the various Arctic actors, including states, organizations, and Indigenous Peoples. The list of the Arctic policies, strategies, and agreements  shown in a comprehensive order.

Polygon Tundra, Lena Delta. Photo: Peter Prokosch

Arctic Definitions

There is no unique definition outlining an “Arctic region”. In fact, the parameter or the highlighted characteristic chosen will outline different shapes, including or excluding some areas.

Key Arctic Actors

The Arctic region plays a crucial role within the global international system. Different Arctic actors form the Arctic system of international relations. Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic are are a central part within that system.

Polar bear warning at Churchill, Hudson Bay, Canada. Photo: Peter Prokosch.

Arctic Governance

The Polar Law Textbook states that “There is no universally recognized definition of “Arctic Governance.” This developing and evolving concept has been given multiple interpretations by the various stakeholders interested in the subject.

Arctic Policies and Strategies

Arctic Policies, Security Strategies, Agreements, and Reports. The Arctic Eight each publishes national policies pertaining to the Arctic and – reflecting the rate of development in the region – these are updated relatively frequently.