Interview series

People in Arctic Affairs

Introduction to individuals within institutions and companies working in the Arctic field

In Iceland, there are numerous institutions and companies operating in the field of Arctic affairs. But what do these organizations actually do, and who works there? These are the questions that many ponder when discussing these topics, including in the media.

That is why the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network has taken it upon itself to introduce theindividuals within these institutions and their activities. Among them are PAME, IASC, CAFF, the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network, and the Stefansson Arctic Institute, all located in Borgir within the campus of the University of Akureyri. It also covers the involvement of the University of Akureyri and the Municipality of Akureyri in Arctic affairs and more.

These are interesting individuals in diverse positions, people educated in Arctic studeis, but also individuals who unexpectedly found themselves on this path. What all of these individuals do share is an unbridled passion for the Arctic.