Arctic Council Working Group
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About PAME

Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) is a working group of the Arctic Council, a high-level intergovernmental forum to promote cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic states of Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Kingdom of Denmark (representing Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark) and Iceland. The working groups are an essential part of the Council, contributing valuable information to shape decision-making in the region.   

PAME's mandate is to address marine policy measures related to the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine and coastal environment in response to environmental change from both land and sea-based activities, including non-emergency pollution prevention control measures. Products include coordinated strategic plans, action programs, best practices & voluntary guidelines, trend analysis, and recommendations. PAME International, based in Akureyri, Iceland, provides support and coordination to its working group activities, its members and the PAME Chair.  

Contact person
Olga Pálsdóttir
Executive Assistant
+354 462 3350