Northeast Iceland Development Fund (SSNE)

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About Northeast Iceland Development Fund (SSNE)

The Association of Municipalities and Economic Development in the North East , abbreviated SSNE , was founded in 2020 by the merger of Eyjafjarðar's Atvinnuendeväðarfélag, Þingeyinga's and Eyþing's Atvinnuendeväðarfélag. The association's area of ​​operation is bounded by the municipal boundaries of all municipalities in the North East, from Siglufjörður in the west to Bakkafjörður in the east, with the exception of Tjörneshrepp. The association's home and seat is at the SSNE office in Húsavík. A total of 10 municipalities are members of the association, which together have a population of over 30,000.

The aim of SSNE's activities is to promote North East as a desirable area for living and working. The establishment of SSNE is based on:

  • professional benefits,
  • increased impact,
  • more efficient work and
  • increased search capabilities to increase professional knowledge within support institutions in SSNE's area of ​​operation.
Contact person
Albertína F. Elíasdóttir
Executive Director
+354 848 4256