Research Institution

About Matís

Matís is a public research company based on strong research infrastructure and collaborations within the food and biotech industries. Matís aims to maximize the impact of investment in research and innovation in a collaborative, holistic and sustainable way. We provide our clients  with solutions to increase value, ensure food safety and contribute to public health. Matís runs Iceland’s leading analytical testing service for public and private sectors.

We have played a leading role in large international projects such as FarFish (Horizon2020), PrimeFish (Horizon2020), ClimeFish (H2020), SAF21 (Horizon2020), EcoFishMan (FP7), Amylomics (FP7), MareFrame (FP7), Whitefishmall (Nordic Innovation) Northern Cereals (NPA), Arctic Bioeconomy (NMR) and Blue Bioeconomy in the Arctic Region (Arctic Council) and we have an ongoing fruitful cooperation with many of the largest food and ingredient companies in the world such as Pepsi Co., Nestlé, and Roquette.

Contact person
Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir
Deputy CEO / Director of Research & Innovation
+354 4225014