Húsavík Academic Center


About Húsavík Academic Center

Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga or Húsavík Academic Center (HAC) is dedicated to promoting and facilitating lifelong learning, university studies and interdisciplinary research. The center is located in the town of Húsavík, Iceland, but serves all of Þingeyjarsýslur, a region in the northeastern part of Iceland. 

HAC offers academic, vocational and recreational courses and study programs, provides study facilities for students, serves as a center for interdisciplinary research in Þingeyjarsýslur and offers its services and facilities to researchers working in the region. 

HAC‘s research is focused on the region of North-East of Iceland. HAC takes part in national and international projects, including ones focusing on educational social topics, as well as sustainable development in rural and arctic regions. HAC takes part in a local ongoing monitoring project for economic, environmental and social development. From mid-year 2019 this homepage will be available in English as well as Icelandic. 

Other running projects include general learning courses for adults, services for students and summer projects with students. 

Contact person
Guðrún Ósk Brynjarsdóttir
Office Manager
+354 464 5100