Directorate for Gender Equality

Government Institution

About Directorate for Gender Equality

The Directorate of Equality (former Centre for Gender Equality) opened in September 2000 and is located in Akureyri. It deals with matters concerning equality in Iceland in accordance with act. 150/2020: An Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights Irrespective of Gender, act 85/2018: An Act on Equal Treatment outside the labour market, and act 86/2018: An Act on Equal Treatment in the labour market. 

The role of the Directorate is defined in article 4 of the 151/2020 act on Administration of Matters Concerning Equality. The agency is under the control of the Prime Minister's Office.  

Among the Directorate‘s various tasks are monitoring of the implementation of aforementioned acts, providing information about equality, as well conducting trainings and offering consulting services to individuals, companies, corporations, and government agencies at all levels. Furthermore, the Directorate is charged with monitoring the development of equality in society, by collection of information and through research. 

The Directorate has since 2013 been an active participant in the project Gender Equality in the Arctic. 

Contact person
Katrín Björg Ríkarðsdóttir
+354 460 6200