Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

The goal of the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network (IACN) is to facilitate cooperation amongst Icelandic public and private organizations, institutions, businesses and bodies involved in Arctic issues – among other things in research, education, innovation and monitoring, or other activity relevant to the Arctic region.

The Network Seeks to:

  • Heighten communication and facilitate cooperation within Iceland regarding Arctic issues.
  • Enhance visibility of the role and work of public and private institutions and organisations in Iceland involved in Arctic issues.
  • Provide information and resources concerning Icelandic activities, knowledge and experience in Arctic issues to academia, policy makers and the public.
  • Improve distribution of and access to information concerning the Arctic in the context of Iceland.
  • Provide support for cooperation on Arctic issues within Iceland.
  • Provide guidance and consultation as requested.

Cooperating partners are a combination of public and private institutions, organisations, businesses and initiatives in Iceland.

The IACN welcomes additional cooperation and partnerships, in the spirit of inclusiveness and the belief that diversity will strengthen efforts in achieving set goals.

Further collaboration is through the regional development body for the North-east of Iceland, Eyþing; the Ministry for Foreign Affairs; the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources; and the Ministry for Education, Science and Culture.

For more information please contact the staff of IACN or visit us at Borgir, Nordurslod, floor 7, 600 Akureyri.


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