Gender Equality in the Arctic Phase III

Gender Equality in the Arctic (GEA) is an international collaborative project focusing on gender equality in the Arctic. We highlight the importance of recognition and appreciation of diversity in terms of discourses, gender, indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, governance, education, economies, social realities, sustainability and balanced participation in leadership and decision making both in the public and private sectors.

The geopolitical and global economic significance of the Arctic region has been growing fast, inter alia because of climate change as well as resource and economic development. The changes we witness in the Arctic – ecological, social and economic – affect both men and women although sometimes in different ways.

The gap between women and men with regard to economic participation and political empowerment remains wide and must continue to be addressed. Our common goal is to secure equal opportunities for men and women, to enable boys and girls to lead the lives they desire in a world without discrimination. This subject must become an integral part of Arctic policies in order to strengthen social well-being and support sustainable development in the region.

The purpose of this project would be to promote an extensive, policy-relevant dialogue on issues of gender equality in the Arctic region in the context of current realities in terms of economic and social development as well as current and future challenges, inter alia relating to climatic and environmental changes.

The Gender Equality in the Arctic project is endorsed by the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group.

The purpose and expected outcome is to:
  • Promote and expand the dialogue on Gender, Diversity and Equality in the Arctic.
  • Provide a formal network of groups and experts, interested in issues of Gender, Diversity and Equality in the Arctic.
  • Encourage cooperation with and between existing networks on Gender, Diversity and Equality in the Arctic.
  • Provide an online platform for material and events relevant to Gender, Diversity and Equality in the Arctic.
  • Organize, collaborate on and participate in workshops and conferences relevant to Gender, Diversity and Equality in the Arctic. 

For further information please contact Embla Eir Oddsdóttir, Director, The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network, embla [AT] arcticiceland [DOT] is or +354 864 5979.

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